Meeting “Craigslist” Sam

Okay, so I placed another Craigslist ad and got 7 responses.  Lovely.

Unfortunately many of them were from folks living 50 or more miles away. Some invited me to their estate sales that weekend where I would be competing with hundreds of other folks for the same items I wanted.  Hmmm…seemed a bit chancy. And with gas and bridge tolls I saw my profit margin for buying a few books and photos dwindle.  To say nothing of the time involved. (Three+ hours minimum.)


Isn’t she a cutie?

But I did get Sam.  Just 5 miles away. We met at a nearby shopping mall parking lot.  He brought a few books, ephemera, sheet music, artwork and slides.  In the end I bought five books and a little bag of ephemera. Letters mostly.  A few photos (like the little cutie on the left).  A small 1954 Paris café menu from restaurant that seems to be out of business. (Still hoping to work out a deal on the Europe slides.)

Not a huge buy and yet it was, in a word…fun.  Sam was a gregarious guy with an engaging smile. A radiologist starting a new job on Monday. He collects stuff.  People know he will take their castoffs.  He sees the potential and value in things.  We chatted and I felt like we were kindred spirits.

Okay, maybe that’s too fanciful.

In the end I’m hoping to be able to make a little money from the things I bought from him.  I think I will. And I like the idea of finding them new homes.

So, I guess it’s what they like to say in marketing, “It was a win-win situation.”

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