Chair Love

Photo taken in the store.

Photo taken in the store. That’s Chantal in the background.

One of my first Craigslist purchases wasn’t from Bruce or Sam (whom I have previously written about), but from Chantal.

I had been innocently perusing Craigslist ads to look for things I could buy and resell in my Etsy stores. Though I found some cool stuff, like a vintage adding machine and a cabinet for dental tools, everything was priced too high for consideration.  And all the stuff in the free category was just not useful: mattress frames, packing boxes, worn furniture.

But as I continued my search I found some chairs.  Not just any chairs, but a pair of beautiful 19th century English quarter-sawn oak chairs. Handsome chairs. Sturdy chairs.

Chairs that I could imagine gracing the entry hall of say, an English country manor.


Can’t you imagine them in this room? (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Alas I do not own an English country manor (though a relative of mine did in the 1500s and I’ve always wondered if it still exists), but that didn’t stop me from envisioning the chairs in my little house in California.  I figured I owed it to myself to least see them in person.


Photo of me taken by Cat in the store. Can you tell I love these chairs?!

So after work one day I dropped in to Place Bellecour.  I was greeted by owner Chantal and her friend and co-worker Cat, an interior designer.  And, well honestly, I loved the chairs as much in person as I did in the Craigslist photos.  They seemed to fit me perfectly. And spending time with Chantal and Cat was a delight.  More kindred spirits.

In the end, these chairs became an early anniversary gift from my husband. One is by the back door and one by the front and we use them for the ignoble task of putting on our shoes!

Sometimes when I look at them, I try to imagine all the places these have been and who owned them in their 130-year history and how they ended up half way around the world in my humble house.

This is the lure of older things. The history. The soul factor.

So if you’re ever in the San Francisco Bay Area and having a penchant for amazing antiques, Place Bellecour should be on your list of places to visit.


  1. Oh I love the chairs, what a beautiful choice! Shopping for antique furniture is just amazing and I do the same thing as you and try to imagine what their history might be. The quality of these pieces is usually also fantastic, so this looks like a great investment.


    1. Thanks Iida. I wasn’t even looking for chairs, but they found me 🙂


  2. Hehe that is usually how it works with these things!


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