Letting It Go

I should be happy it sold.  But honestly, I feel a tinge of sadness.


1000 pages of font fun!

The huge 1940s book of Linotype fonts that I bought at a library book sale this spring sold in my online bookstore a few days ago to a buyer. Kate in New York City.  Our communications were great and I made a small profit, and yet I wouldn’t have minded hanging on to this book.  I have a fondness for fonts! Even my 17-year-old daughter said, “What, you sold THAT book?”

Oh dear.  Yes. I did.

Nowadays, I’m always on the lookout for stuff to buy and resell, but I’ve noticed I gravitate towards things I like, not just things that will make a profit. Some of the things I buy get used or displayed in my house until they sell. For a while I had the font book on my coffee table. Right now I have an atomic ‘50s ashtray on my desk holding gift cards and a crystal one corralling foreign coins. I know it’s just a matter of time before the ashtrays sell and disappear from our lives.

In a way, buying and selling helps me keep a lighter grasp on things. These “bits and bobs” really aren’t important. They may be lovely or cool or interesting or even useful, and I may like them, but, in the end, they’re just stuff.  Not important. It’s fun finding them, enjoying them for a bit and then sending them off to new homes.

So Kate, I hope you enjoy the Linotype font book. Natali, glad you liked the charm bracelet. And Elizabeth, your antique French bone-handled knives are on the way!

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