A Good Day…

Friday was sunny and mild with a hint of autumn in the air. A good day to be out and about. And I had a plan.  First, a 9:00 business meeting at my favorite local coffee shop. Next pop over to the bank to get some cash. Lastly head out to the hospital rummage sale that was opening at 11:00.


Alas, the meeting got off to a slow start and ran longer than I expected. Than at the bank, it was discovered that my debit card had expired. What should have been a one-minute ATM transaction turned into 20. But thankfully I got my cash, a temporary card, and even gave one of my store business cards to the teller who said she loved looking at stuff on Etsy…well, who doesn’t?!

FINALLY, I drove off to find the sale. A bit later than I wanted, but still….

The sale was in a fitting location—an old industrial office building at the end of a dead-end street with the thrum of nearby freeway traffic.

Here's Jerry...one of the hardcore book buyers, but a nice guy! I think that's his wife checking out book prices.

Here’s Jerry…one of the hardcore book buyers during a calm moment.

Yes, it seemed the right spot for all the flotsam and jetsam that had been donated — the napkins with the faint stains, the lightly pilled sweaters, the rusty cast iron muffin pan (very cool, but $35), the unraveling baskets, the Beanie Babies by the bushels full and all the cast-off china, glassware and used books.

Of course I started with the siren call of the books, and of course, I wasn’t alone. The small book area was CRAMMED with people.  People filling bags with books. People hunkered down in front of shelves. Immovable.  People checking book bar codes with scanners to ascertain maximum resale profitability.  In other words, hardcore book buyers!

For a second I thought, “Oh jeez…why bother looking? All the good stuff’s probably gone.” Then I said “nuts” to that attitude and dove into the melee! With a few “excuse me’s” and getting bumped into more than once, I managed to look through all the shelves.  And in the end, despite the competition, I found what I wanted—the old and deliciously quirky:

  • Here’s a line from a 1955 book, “The Unfair Sex”: “The female is eager to cultivate the friendship of men for admirable reasons: One, to acquire a husband. Two, practically nothing that is any fun can be done without a male escort.”  Does it get any better?! The book goes on to detail the many devious ways men try to get unmarried women into bed…including the tried and true “Liquor Technique.”


  • And a 1956 American Red Cross “Live Saving and Water Safety” book that is fantastic in its detail: “When a victim is brought from the water apparently lifeless, his face may be cyanotic (blue-black) or it may be pale depending upon the degree of suffocation he endured.”  Wow, didn’t expect this!
  • And this line from “The Recording Angel” written in 1912: “Mrs. Patricia Felton had a sort of brier-patch mind from which little cotton-tailed ideas leaped out and got away.”  Don’t you just love that imagery?!

So, it turned out to be a good day to rummage.  A good day to find a little quirkiness. A good day to be alive.

Would love to hear about your good day!


  1. “The siren call of books” = TRUTH! 😉

    I clicked the image and zoomed in to read it — Hilarious to think of that old game as a “technique.” So formal, considering…


    1. Brandy…this book really is hilarious!! I need to read this one before I sell it!


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