Yes, It’s Addictive…

I am feeling grateful that between my two Etsy stores I have sold 11 things so far this month.  Okay, I know what you’re thinking…11 is nothing!  And you’re right. (I’m keeping my day job!) But considering I sell non-essential, old things—jewelry, photos, purses, sterling silver bits, books, etc—I feel good about that number.


Miss America contestants posing on a beach. (Circa 1950s/60s.) The nice wood frame is one of two I bought at a hospital rummage sale.

And here’s the thing I’ve discovered, selling is addictive. With each sale I get a little rush of adrenaline or serotonin or something and then I can’t wait for the next sale and the next little hit! (Is this true for you?) And since I tend to buy what I like, each sale is a welcome validation that I’m finding and selling stuff other people appreciate too.

But it’s been weird realizing that buying and selling things makes me happy. (Who knew?) Of all the things I’ve been passionate about in my lifetime, this one came to me late…or perhaps just at the right time as I think about retirement!

So as 2014 nears I’ve decided one of my New Year’s goals will be to continue buying (and hopefully selling!) lots more cool, old, irresistible stuff.

How about you?

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