Letting Go of Some Vintage Bling

At some point in my 30s I rediscovered my love for vintage silver charm bracelets and developed a fondness for Victorian mourning jewelry, bohemian garnet pins and old lockets. I become a collector. And it was fun and I love wearing my unique finds.

But, truth be told, some pieces get worn a lot and others languish in drawers. And then of course there are the well-intentioned gifts and inherited pieces that were never right. Ever. I wore the huge, bejeweled lizard necklace my dad recently gave me and felt WEIRD the whole night. It just wasn’t me.

So for the last few weeks I’ve been rummaging around in my jewelry and deciding it’s time to let more things go to new homes. My two daughters get first dibs on everything, other pieces will find their way to friends and charity, and some will land in my store.

Here are some of the sweet things I’m no longer wearing. (Do visit my store if you’re interested!)

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  1. […] ago, I wrote in my other blog about going through some of my jewelry and finding pieces to sell.  (“Letting Go of Some Vintage Bling”)  These were all items I liked, but was no longer wearing for one reason or […]


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