Following Your Gut

I got a call the other day from Bruce, one of my Craigslist contacts. I’ve gone picking at his parents’ house twice now (once with my friend Lisa which made it doubly fun!) and he wondered if I wanted to come a third time. He’s hoping to put the house on the market soon and though he’s been selling their stuff for two years, there’s still stuff left!

Now I have enjoyed picking at this house and have found some cool items. This ‘50s ashtray was among my favorites. Though it’s in my store (along with the other items below), I’m using it on my desk and hope it doesn’t sell for a while. I love these retro snack trays for swinging parties, and the Japanese vase is what I consider “beautiful ugly,” while the travel clock is too cute!

So should I go again? Well, this house has been picked over and picked over by a lot of people (including me) and now what’s left are mostly the “hard sells”… stuff like a huge set of expensive Limoges china, big generic furniture, old people clothes, encyclopedias, Bradford Exchange collector plates (I’ve written about these before), creepy clown dolls (no thank you!) and mildewy books. I have no doubt that I could still find a few more vintage goodies amidst all the flotsam and jetsam, and as Bruce said he is “motivated to sell,” but the house is 25 miles away and there’s a bridge toll, so that’s $11 for gas and tolls right there, plus my time…hmmm.

Part of me really wants to go, part of me is thinking there’s more to be found. There’s some treasure that I missed before and I’m picturing myself getting in my car and driving there and finding it. But my gut is saying, “Girl, it won’t be worth it! You know it won’t.” So in the end I’m following my gut and staying home. I usually find my intuition doesn’t lead me astray.

How about you? Do you follow your gut instincts??


  1. good plan to follow those inner instincts, especially when they are followed by good logic—another day, another time a better option will come up! I’ve been sorry when I didn’t stop and listen to my heart a few times. Roslaie


    1. You’re right Rosalie…another, better option will come up! 🙂 And maybe you’ll be there with me!


  2. I try to always follow my instincts and they’re usually right. I wouldn’t have made the drive either because I feel there’s always another opportunity around the corner!


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