Note to Self…

I’ve been debating with myself whether to attend two estate sales this weekend. Both houses look to be full of great stuff and it’s soooo fun searching for treasures to sell, but I also know it’s high time that I “buckle down” and start listing more of my inventory in my online stores…the more tedious part of the business.

So I piled up 40 books on our kitchen table and chose the first five to list in my Etsy store Second Life Books. First I fussed around taking photos of them. Then I poured myself a glass of red wine and sat down at my laptop and started cropping pictures, researching the books and writing descriptions.

All was going well. I listed “The Passover Gourmet,” “Over Sexteen” and “Signs and Symbols in Christian Art.” A darn eclectic selection I must say. I was working on my fourth listing, one for a cool 1959 Miro art book, when it happened.

I accidentally knocked over my wine glass. Red wine flowed freely and was sopped up by several books while others received a liberal dosing of splatters. Books that had been nearly pristine were no longer. Several books were ruined outright, while others would no longer be worth trying to sell. Sigh.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

I could kick myself, but obviously I didn’t.  (How does one do that?) But let’s just say I learned a valuable lesson today: Don’t drink red wine around the inventory!!!

Any lessons you’re willing to share??


  1. Maybe you were having Passover?


    1. Well…I was very inspired by the Passover cookbook! 🙂


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