The Real Treasure

I usually like to be one of the first people into an estate sale, but this sale was going to be a HUGE one that would draw really BIG crowds. With my ongoing tooth pain (long story), I just wasn’t in the mood. Plus I knew the prices on the first day probably wouldn’t leave much, if any, wiggle room for resale, which is my goal.

But my visiting father-in-law was game to go the second day when deals were possible.  We went 3 hours before the sale ended and there was still stuff available, but alas nothing grabbed me. Not the assorted china cups and saucers. Not the bits of generic crystal. Not the muddy-colored handmade vases. Not the souvenir dolls.

I wanted to find some cool vintage bit that had been overlooked…something that set my heart racing.  You know how it is!  

But it didn’t happen.

In the end all I bought were two tiny Chinese bowls (for $6.00) with sweet images that I thought would be perfect for my daughters to put their rings and earrings.

chinesebowl1 chinesebowl2

But as we drove home, I realized that spending time with my father-in-law (whom I hadn’t seen for four years!) was the BEST part, and it didn’t matter that I didn’t find a treasure to sell. The time together was the treasure! 

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