Sweet Finds

Life has been good lately, but stressful. What with various obligations, graduations, visiting in-laws and health issues, I have felt stretched like Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings: “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” So when I saw the notice for the estate liquidation sale, I knew I had to go. It would be my treat to myself!!

The estate sale folks (my favorite, Kuzak’s Closet) opened the house early with the admonition that it was just as the family left it. Nothing sorted. Nothing cleaned. Nothing marked. A situation where you dig in and find what you can!  So I did. And it was SO FUN. I pulled out bins under beds, opened drawers and rummaged in closets.

I found an armful of vintage books, including Too Much College by Stephen Leacock, 1941. He believed “that education is eating up life, and that the process of equipping young people for their life work involves entirely too much time, effort and money.” Probably quite true!! And I found a mini pair of binoculars that fold up and look like spy tools.

But surprisingly my best finds were in two small jewelry boxes that had already been gone through by several people. I found two beautiful antique (non-working) watches, assorted pins and three rings. One very old ring with a maker’s mark may be low-carat gold with a crude diamond at the top. Some of this I’m going to have appraised at a local jewelers.

I was in and out of this house in 20 minutes with a super cache of sweet, well-priced finds. Sometimes that’s all I need to bring a bit of stress relief. That and coffee dates with girl friends…and walks with my daughters…and cuddles with my husband…and time in my garden…and…well, you get the idea!

Would love to hear about your sweet finds!!

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