Vintage Mother of the Bride Dress

My youngest daughter (now just 2 weeks shy of her 18th birthday) asked if I was going to any estate sales today because she thought she’d tag along!  Which was great news because I’ve been trying to get her to come with me for months and so far she’s never been interested.

I knew of one estate sale nearby and found a yard sale on Craigslist that sounded promising. So at 9:00 on a beautiful Saturday morning we headed out…ready to have some fun:)

At the yard sale I was immediately enchanted by a beautiful brocade ’50s “mother of the bride” dress and jacket that I’ll put in my store and then I found the sweetest summer dress that I think will be perfect for my oldest daughter. It’s a vintage size 9, which is about a size 3 now with a teeny, tiny waist. I snagged these two right away. Then I found an oak file box with finger joints for a great price!! Well honestly, who could resist? These kind of boxes are perfect for so many things…bills, remotes, jewelry, photos.

Next on to the estate sale. Good news…even on the second day of the sale there was tons of stuff. The bad news…a lot was “made in China” knickknacks, crude holiday ornaments, cheap picture frames and racks of Kmart clothing. My daughter found a small collection of vinyl records, but nothing interesting. So after 10 minutes we admitted defeat and came away with just one book and a glass measuring cup.

But the morning was still a lot of fun and maybe now I have another “partner in crime” as I search for goodies for my stores!

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