Did I Find Treasure?

One thing I’ve learned from full-time pickers is that you need to be constantly looking for pieces to sell and exploring new purchase venues. Among these venues are thrift stores. Now, I love thrift stores for so many reasons, but I rarely have the luck or the skill to find things to resell.

But today, after a doctor’s appointment, I decided it was time to try again with a store that was having a huge summer sale…a store run by sweet Junior League volunteers. I got there 15 minutes after the store opened and it was already crowded. It was a small, boutique store with a lot of clothes, not my main focus, so I honed in on the bookshelves. I found a number of great vintage cookbooks ranging from Cajun to New England cuisine. Yum!  Then I spotted what looked like a vintage tavern beer glass. It was dirty (filthy really), but the graphics and colors were bright and I thought it had potential…maybe big potential!

At home I started researching “Binkley’s Tavern” only to discover that other than an 1800s Pennsylvania tavern, it didn’t exist. My next search was on eBay for tavern glasses and I found my exact glass, only it said “Brody’s Tavern” and the light bulb clicked on. Oh crap…it’s just a personalized glass! Just to make sure I search I searched on “personalized tavern glasses” and there they were. My glass in multiple.

So my tavern beer glass is nothing special after all…not a treasure. Not some rare tavern find, but at 50 cents with an 85% discount, it was all of 8 cents. Yes 8 cents. But it will be going to the donate bag…not worth the trouble to sell. (P.S. My husband has just decided he wants the glass for his own use!)

But amongst the cookbooks I did find a Chihuly art book that is stunning. Maybe that’s the real treasure…looking at pictures of amazing Chihuly glass!!!

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