Small Haul

This morning I was on the road by 7:30 to get to a San Jose estate liquidation sale by 8:00 and get my name “on the list” for a 9:00 opening. I was psyched to get in some good picking before a coffee date later that morning.

As I waited I realized I was seeing some of the same folks I always see at these sales…and a lot of us are doing the same thing…buying to resell. So I’ll say upfront, that this is an intense, serious group. Very intense, and alas, some people lose their manners. I won’t dwell on this other than to say it’s rather sad.

Well, despite a big house full of stuff, my haul was small and mostly books, though I did find some vintage Dominos in perfect condition and three dollhouse chairs. I also couldn’t pass up the 1922 “Mr. Widdle Waddle Brings His Family” book even though it is literally falling apart. I think the sweet illustrations were worth the $1.00 and would look great framed!!  And “The Book of Games for Boys and Girls,” circa 1953, looked intriguing. Amongst its pages is a game called “Auto Assembly Line”!?

Here are a few of my finds today.



May all your hunting be enjoyable and profitable.

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