Getting My Fix … on eBay


“Mr. Widdle Waddle Brings the Family”

Last week I passed up going to two liquidation sales (which always have great deals!), a stellar estate sale just a few miles from my house and an assortment of yard sales. I wanted to go to…I mean I REALLY WANTED TO GO to all of them, but I knew that I needed to spend the time listing things in my stores, not buying more stuff!

But let’s be honest…the finding and buying part is the BEST part. It’s an adrenaline rush. We all love finding amazing things others have missed. We all love getting a good deal.

But last week I passed on all the sales and worked hard at whittling away the pile of books and items that needed to be listed in my online stores. My favorite listing was for some illustrated pages from a 1922 falling-apart book “Mr Widdle Waddle Brings the Family.” So cute and perfect for a nursery or art project. I hope somebody loves these as much as I do!

By the end of the week though, and much to my chagrin, I realized that while I hadn’t gone out to sales or thrift stores, I had still managed to buy a few things. (Oops…I guess I couldn’t go cold turkey!) I ended up winning a few auctions on eBay and while I didn’t get the same rush, it rather gave me “my fix” and I was pleased with what I bought and the prices I paid. (Thank you eBay sellers.) These are all lovely, old, quality bits that can be appreciated today. I’ve already got the sterling silver hat pin and sash pin in my store.

I’ve heard about sellers whose whole business is buying undervalued things on eBay and reselling them for more. One guy does it with coins, another with paintings. Something to think about!

Now…I think it’s time to get back to some in-person treasure hunting. Are you game?

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