Just a Few Bits and Bobs

I love going to liquidation estate sales because you never know what you’ll find as you paw through the house…and the prices are good! But today’s sale was a bit challenging. Truth be told there wasn’t much there. Turns out the owners, who had already moved out, had had their own estate sale at some date earlier and this was just the few leftovers from that. Tough picking.

But I did nab the vintage globe first off. Love the look of globes. Not sure how old it is but Czechoslovakia is still Czechoslovakia! And the tin of Christmasy stuff held promise. I didn’t look through it carefully at the sale, but was hoping it might have something old and valuable. It didn’t…though the 2-inch crochet doll is old and sweet.

They did have a collection of music books and since my 18-year-old daughter has just started piano lessons I knew the 1979 Suzuki piano book would be useful. Couldn’t resist buying a few others…though playing the Chopin (a 1964 book published in Poland) is a few years off for her!

Bottom line…financially this sale was a bust, but still it was fun and a beautiful morning to be out. Somedays that’s enough 🙂

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