What Was I Thinking?!!

Have you ever bought something and later wondered “What was I thinking?!!”

That was me. Today.

I was at another liquidation estate sale with slim pickings. In fact before the doors opened to the public, the home owners were still removing items from the house. But since I had waited 90 minutes till it opened I was determined to find something to redeem my time!

Once opened, the small rooms quickly got packed with people and it was hard to navigate at times. Hard to look at things. And in my pre-coffee, slightly grumpy state, I just wasn’t in the mood to be jostled and have people grab things over my shoulder. (I mean honestly!)

In the end I made some less-than-stellar decisions.

My haul? Two beat-up vintage magazines including a “Fortune” from January 1950, two beat-up books including a hymnal for my own use and a beat-up Prince Albert tin. Yes, the underlying theme of my purchases “beat up.” What was I thinking?! Sigh!

The good news…I only spent $4.00 for the whole lot, and I had a great time beforehand chatting with Diane, another buyer, who is a kindred spirit.

But I have two new notes to self for future sales: Have your coffee before you go and don’t buy any more beat-up stuff! 


  1. I can relate to this. Sometimes at auctions, I get caught up in the moment or I’m in a weird mood or some other buyers are annoying me so I buy some stuff that I didn’t necessarily want. But I don’t usually overspend and I try to make the best of it 🙂


    1. Patricia, thanks for sharing this!!! It’s good to know I’m not the only one!! Thankfully I just spent $4. No big financial loss 🙂


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