Picking Redemption and a Flashback…

Monday morning. Was awake at 6:00, so I decided to pull myself together and head out to sign up for another liquidation estate sale that opened at 9:00. I was SOOO ready to have some picking redemption.

As we were lining up (I was #8) I overheard some of the skinny that went down at the opening of a huge sale over the weekend. It included shoving, near fisticuffs and some hyper-aggressive people running around tagging a lot of stuff with their name. Glad I didn’t go!

Today’s estate sale was at a house belonging to a doctor who had moved to New Mexico and it was, alas, a bit spartan. What was left? Lots of newer books, an air mattress, ladders in the garage, a climbing thing for cats, bags of socks (!), worn towels in a cupboard, misc. glasses, a few pieces of fussy silverplate, condiments like apple cider vinegar, a nice dresser missing its mirror and a few clothes in the closets.

Still, I was determined to find something GOOD.

Now I don’t deal much with selling clothes, but I always look and today I’m glad I did! I quickly snagged three ladies coats that looked fabulous…a vintage black leather blazer, a classic ’50s cashmere coat with mink collar, and a newer plaid jacket still with its tags and tissue paper protecting the buttons.  Yeah!  Finally a bit of picking redemption! And oddly enough, they all fit me…so if they don’t sell I can enjoy them!

I also found a 1940 first edition Hemingway. It’s in poor condition (yet another beat-up book), but still worth something. And a collection of Brian Andreas books, which are so quirky and fun to read.

I also picked up a boxed set of National Audubon Society booklets. I didn’t bother to open them till I got home, and when I did, I flashed back to my childhood. I so remember sitting at the kitchen table pasting stickers in Audubon books. Did you?  For some reason they remind me of my grandmother. Maybe they were a gift from her. But these are headed for the recycling bin. I checked Worthpoint.com and the only sets that have sold are ones that have the sheets of stickers not yet glued in. Makes sense.

Overall I’m feeling good about today’s finds, but the best part was talking with one of the regular buyers…a beautiful older woman who told me she and her husband have been doing this for 15 years. It was inspiring hearing how they’ve supported themselves by buying and reselling furniture and whatnots. She prefaced a story she told me with “I don’t usually tell people this…” and then told me about how her husband found a quantity of money in a piece of furniture they had just purchased. They debated about what to do with it…in the end they kept it.

I’ve thought about this and wondered what I would do. I realize I would probably keep it too. If the family didn’t miss the money and the estate sale company didn’t find it, then it seems a case of serendipity for the buyer. N’est-ce pas?

What would you do?


  1. I love the finds. What would I do? Hmmm…I’d keep the money. Yup. I admit it.


    1. Thanks Veronica! The coats were a lucky find!

      One of my facebook friends said she’d return the money for sure, but I’d keep it unless it was an insanely large amount. To me that’s part of the game. 🙂 – Karen


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