Yes, Books Do Sell!

I always write about what I’ve found in thrift stores and yard sales, but you may be wondering do I actually sell anything?! Is it all BUY, BUY, BUY? Thankfully stuff is selling and thankfully, even in this age of digital books, paper books still sell. I am delighted that sales in my bookstore, Second Life Books, have been steadily increasing. Here are a few of my recent sales…

Here’s the info on these books:

  • 1945 “Fundamentals of Optical Engineering”, paid $1, sold $9
  • 1970s “Firefox” books (set of 3), paid $3 at a yard sale, sold $60
  • 1951 “If Jesus Came to My House”, paid $10, sold $65 (Could have been more!)
  • 1960 “An African Treasury”, paid $1.50, sold $25
  • 1932 “A Farewell to Arms”, paid $2, sold $30
  • 1948 “Poems: First and Second Series” Emily Dickinson, paid $1, sold $15

How do I choose the books I buy?

I look for older out-of-print books, quirky/intriguing subject matter, great dust jacket images and books that just plain appeal to me. I don’t use readers/scanners. I don’t buy best sellers.

How do I price my books?

Lots of research (I use BookFinder and Worthpoint a lot…what are other people selling the book for and what has it sold for in the past) and then factor in condition. I strive to have fair market prices.

Not all books make it to the store

Every once in a while a book that I thought was FAB, turns out to be as common as dirt with dozens and dozens of copies for sale in the 99 cents to $4.00 range. These head to my donation pile. Likewise if I discover that a book’s condition is worse than I thought.

My plan moving forward

Keep listing! I have about a hundred books that aren’t in the store yet. And of course I will continue buying more books, which is one of the joys in life :).

Happy hunting!


  1. i love the dust jacket graphics. i would buy these books for those alone!


    1. Edwina, I think older books have the BEST dust jackets. I have a book in my bookstore “White Witch Doctor” that I bought just because of the cover. 🙂 – Karen


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