What’s Selling …

The last two years, November and December were slow months in my stores. It was frustrating because with the holidays approaching and a whole lot of gift giving going on, I was hoping for stellar sales. Instead I was scratching my head over the lack of sales and a tad discouraged.

But this year has been different. I’ve had my best two months ever! I feel like Sally Fields at the Oscars, “You like me. You really like me.”

Here are few of the things I’ve sold in the last two weeks in my Etsy stores…

Some of these items sold fast (in under a month), while others have been in my stores for over a year. But here’s what I’ve learned…some items are long tail. They just are. If you know it’s a good item at a good (and fair) price, you just wait it out.

Case in point: I was emailed by a potential buyer. She wondered if she bought 2 items would I give her a deal. I replied back that it depended on the items as some have more “wiggle room.” She told me the items and one was the sterling silver St. John Ambulance fob (pictured above). This 1950s English fob was already very reasonably priced at $35, but I was willing to drop the price to $30 as part of the deal. Alas, the deal wasn’t sweet enough for her, but I wasn’t willing to cut prices any further. (You just don’t need to with sterling silver!) A few weeks later the fob sold at full price. It was a Christmas gift from a mother to a daughter who’s an EMT. How perfect is that! I even wrapped the gift for the mom and included a note.

I know sales will probably drop off in January, but this sales spurt has given me a much-needed boost to keep on listing!

How about you…what have you been selling??

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