“Don’t Buy it Girl!” or Making the Right Decisions

I was running errands the other day near my neighborhood Goodwill so I popped in for a few minutes. The store had opened about 40 minutes before I got there and it was already busy. I optimistically grabbed a basket.

My eyes first spotted a handsome handmade pot priced at $5.49 and without thinking I almost put it in my basket. I have a thing for pottery, but honestly they are not fast sellers nor particularly lucrative unless you find a famous maker. I put it back on the shelf.

Then I spotted a china creamer. I turned it over and it was Royal Vale, England. Hmmm. It was nice with a simple pattern and just a little wear, but what could I sell if for? $10? $12? Priced at $3.29 it was not worth the effort. Back it went.

I rummaged around in the art section. I passed on some real paintings…landscapes that were too amateurish and unappealing. A sweet numbered print in pinks and blues suitable for a nursery held promise, but it was damaged and $19.99.

Well. I was disappointed, but also glad that I was making good decisions. I was listening to the voice that said, “Don’t buy it girl!”

Lastly I perused the four shelves of Christmas decorations. It was mostly newer stuff made in China or Taiwan. Nothing worth buying. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Then I found him. Tucked amidst all the new stuff. A lone vintage plaster king from a nativity set made in Italy. He was lovely. A little distressed, but fabulous and 79 cents! Perfect! Into the basket he went.

So after 20 minutes of shopping I spent a total of 79 cents. But it felt good. Good to be making the right decisions.

And the king? He’s now on my mantel till he sells. 🙂

How about you? Would love to hear about your good decisions.


  1. I can;t tell you how many times I used to just buy up everything. I am contemplating taking a loss on them and getting rid of them. Do you have duds that never sold and you decided to take a loss on?


    1. Absolutely Bilford! A few things I donated back to the store realizing it just wasn’t worth my time to list them. Thankfully that’s happening less now.:) – karen


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