A Moment of Softheartedness…


I managed to nab the smaller gold pot at this Kuzak’s Closet estate sale.

About ten months ago I bought a chunky ceramic pot at an estate sale. I rather liked its masculine lines and heft and after listing it in my Etsy store, I displayed it in my house. (Many of the things I buy to resell, we enjoy for a time.)

I also researched the name scrawled on the bottom of the pot and discovered a deceased California potter with the same name so I updated the listing and said that it was likely his work.

After months with no interest, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a woman…the daughter of the man who I thought had made the pot. She told me it had actually been made by her brother in the ’60s and they’d like to bring it back to the family…and…would I work with them on the price.


Now, I loved the idea of the pot returning to the family and realistically I knew it might take years to sell.

On the other hand, it wasn’t outrageously priced by any stretch. In fact, I thought it was a darn fair price. But I was willing to lower the price and started thinking about prices. I considered asking her to suggest a price…which would have been the smart move! But in the end, in a total moment of softheartedness (or maybe softheadedness!), I suggested a price that was a 20% discount! Right off the bat. It was also my bottom price.

Naturally, the family jumped at the offer and bought it. It’s now happily in their hands.

I suppose I could have remained firm on my original price and they probably would have bought it, but maybe not. Softheartedness aside, here’s how I think about this transaction: the piece sold, I made a reasonable profit, and a very appreciative family now owns it. 🙂

How about you? Ever had a “softhearted” sale?


  1. I would have done the same thing. I love a good story and getting something back to the family would touch that soft spot in my heart. I am way too generous with my work and that is something I am changing this year.


    1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one Karen! And I am really happy they have it. 🙂 – Karen


  2. More than once I’ve felt like I under priced something but when I see how much a customer loves the item, I’m okay with it.


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