The Perils of Buying and Selling

home22A few months ago I bought 3 wonderful little Mexican dishes at Goodwill. I did some research and discovered they were made by famed potter Ken Edwards. Nice!!! And in the course of researching the dishes I stumbled on a listing for a ceramic cat made by Ken Edwards. Holy smokes that cat was too cute for words. But I resisted buying it. I DID NOT need a ceramic cat. I did not. Then the seller dropped the price by $8.00. Oh man. I caved. I caved and bought this ridiculous, adorable cat (photo below). It’s now on our mantle. (Someday I’ll sell it…but not for a long, long time!)

Then today, I went to an estate sale.  My first in months. It promised to be full of lots of posh bits collected over four decades. My husband, in a rare turn of events, came with me. The sale had been open for an hour and was still busy, but not insanely crowded.  We had a grand time looking at all the beautiful Asian art, ceramic pieces and crystal. Many nice things, but nothing that held much promise for those of us who resell things. Prices were just a bit too high. But I did find this one little ceramic box in celadon. So nicely done and reasonably priced. I didn’t even think twice about buying it.

Turns out it’s from Seoul, Korea. The tiny “EWHA” mark is for EWHA Women’s University and they have a Ceramics Research Institute that was founded in 1959. How cool is that! And the thing is, I’m going to hang onto the box for a while.  It appeals to me.  Yes, eventually…eventually…I’ll put it in my store, but for now it’s found its new home.

And this is the PERIL of buying to resell…you find amazing things that touch your soul in some unexplained way and want to make their home with you!


Honestly, don’t the Mexican cat and the Korean box seem so sympatico?



  1. You do have a ‘knack’ for finding adorable bargains!


    1. Thanks Rosalie 🙂 The estate sale was not far from your old house. So many beautiful things. XOXO, Karen


  2. Yes they do…fun story to read.


    1. Thanks Ms Toy Whisperer. It’s funny how inanimate objects touch us. Love reading your blog. – Karen

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