Dear Potential Buyer…

First, thank you for visiting my Etsy store. With the plethora of online shopping options, I am delighted that you found me.

I see that you like nice things…vintage jewelry, antique sterling silver, mid-century goodies, vintage clothes, cool pottery, quirky books. They are a passion of mine too. And I appreciate that you want to get them at a good price. I’m the same. That’s why I CAREFULLY price the items in my store based on condition, maker, rarity, market trends and similar items.

Yes, I am very thoughtful and deliberate in setting my prices. So when a potential buyer sends me a low-ball offer that is 30-60% off of my listed price, I politely respond, “No thanks.” I never negotiate with folks who send low-ball offers. Ever.

Now I know you may be thinking, “But people ALWAYS haggle over the prices of vintage stuff. It’s part of the game.” Yes, in some environments like flea markets, that may be true, but online, at least on Etsy, not so much. And honestly, low-ball offers are never nice, in any environment. You’ve probably seen the thrifting and picking TV shows where the participants relentlessly try to haggle some seller into parting with an item for a fraction of its original price. Not nice. So if you feel compelled to make an offer to an online seller, be reasonable about it. You’ll have a greater chance of success!

But here’s something to think about before you make any offers…buying, selling and listing stuff online takes a lot of TIME, WORK and MONEY. It does. Here is a snapshot of the work involved:

  • Driving to thrift stores, estate sales, book sales, etc. (sometimes in the dark, cold hours of the morning)
  • Sifting through items (often getting dirty in the process)
  • Buying items (and sometimes not buying items because there is nothing worth buying!)
  • Researching items
  • Cleaning/repairing items if needed
  • Taking good photos, writing detailed descriptions and listing items
  • Answering questions
  • Tracking items and expenses
  • Wrapping and shipping sold items


In reality, online sellers provide a service that saves you hours of time! From the comfort of your home, with a few computer searches and clicks, you can find and buy that perfect piece of McCoy pottery, a vintage clock or stunning Weiss earrings and have them sent to your home. So easy-peasy. ☺

Well, dear potential buyer, thanks for letting me share these thoughts with you.

As always, happy shopping!

– from a gal trying to make a living


  1. Laurie B

    Well said. Knowing you and your work ethic, I totally respect your pricing, and am sure an educated stranger would feel the same way.


    1. Thanks Laurie!! I do try hard to have fair, realistic prices. Thankfully most of the people I have dealt with in my stores have been wonderful. – Karen


  2. So many people don’t get what we go through in this business. It’s work and we should make a profit accordingly. Great post.


    1. Thanks Patricia!! This post was just my way of letting off a little steam. I’m sure you must go through the same thing at your booth! – Karen


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