When “Impulsive” Turns into “Life Changing”

Have you ever done anything impulsive and found it changed your life? I found that one action three years ago changed my life in two very different ways.

Here’s the story:

Three years ago today I impulsively opened an online store. It was a Saturday. A sunny, beautiful day in fact and I was hunkered down at the kitchen table with my laptop figuring out Etsy. A few hours later I had opened Lion & Lamb Vintage with four items…just some belongings I wanted to sell.

But opening the store wasn’t the life-changing bit.


Here’s my second sale…a vintage purse that ended up in Berlin, Germany.

What I discovered as I scoured the house for more things to sell was that much of the stuff I owned wasn’t that important to me. It was nice stuff. I liked most of it. But I could live without it.

So here’s the life-changing bit: As I added more things to my store and they started selling, I felt this wonderful sense of FREEDOM. I liked that my things had found new homes. It was as if my whole relationship with possessions changed. Now most of the stuff I own I see as temporary. To be enjoyed for a season and moved on. So liberating!!

But there’s more to the story:

As my personal items sold, I dabbled in buying things to resell. Just to see if I could do it. My first effort was a cookbook I bought for $1.00 and sold for $6.00. Okay, not a huge sale, but still rather exciting. So I started buying other things to resell and discovered that not only could I make money at it (real money), but it was FUNa refreshing break from my writing job!

So now, three years later, my “dabbling” has evolved into weekly visits to thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales. It includes learning more about antiques and vintage things and connecting with others who sell. It has become a second careerone which I never imagined having but am sooo enjoying!

So one impulsive (seemingly inconsequential) action led to two different “life changers.” 🙂

How about you? What impulsive action changed your life?

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