Sometimes You Just Have to Cry

On Sunday I popped into our monthly library book sale. I didn’t buy many books because my book sales have dropped off since December and I still have tons to list in my store, but I did find some irresistible children’s books.

One pierced my heart as soon as I picked it up…“I Never Saw Another Butterfly: Children’s Drawings and Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp 1942-1944.” I knew I had to buy it.

When I got home I read some of the poignant poems and looked at the artwork. The book is so beautifully done. Then I read the short bios of the children at the back of the book and learned that most of the children did not survive the camps and I started crying. It’s not often a book makes me cry.

So I’m sharing a little of this touching book with you…





  1. I would not be surprised if this book had some value, given the subject matter and that it’s written my children ( I guess)..the poetry is pretty good….Rosalie


    1. Rosalie…it could. Currently it’s for sale online from $10 – $500! Most of the lower-priced ones are ex-lib. Alas, the dust jacket is stained and price clipped 😦 But still a nice, clean copy. – Karen


  2. Kristie Holsey

    Ah, the tragedies so many children and adults had to endure. What sadness! May we not repeat that horror.


    1. So agree Kristie! – Karen


  3. I read that in college. Its children’s words especially that drive home the reality of the horror. The suffering of children is the most poignant.


    1. Ladymeritaten, it really is the most extraordinary book. It is so hard to realize that most of the children didn’t survive. I bought the book to resell, but am thinking I might keep it for a while. – Karen

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