Not Urban Legends…


“Lucky in Love” Pryex pattern.

Every picker dreams of finding those special things that will bring in the big bucks. Like the woman who buys a $10 painting at Goodwill that turns out to be worth $20,000. Or the one who buys a “Lucky in Love” Pryex casserole dish for a few bucks at a jumble sale and sells it for $4,200 on eBay. (Honestly…a Pryex dish! Turns out it’s an uber rare pattern.) Or how about the guy who buys a $5.99 watch (also at Goodwill) that was a rare 1959 diving watch. He sold it for $35,000!

Yowee! Apparently these kinds of finds really do happen. They are not just urban legends.

A part of me thinks this could happen to me…I’m certainly at Goodwill enough! But…but what are the chances of finding this kind of score? Pretty slim I’m guessing. Pretty DARN slim.

And to be honest, if I found a painting for $10 that I could sell for $20,000, it would be super exciting and make a great story, but it would not be life changing. The money would go into savings and I would go about my life same as before. Maybe it would be the same for you.

But it’s still fun to think it might happen!

In the mean time, I keep plugging away at finding bits and bobs to sell. Lately I seem to be finding stuff that reminds me of my childhood…like this creamy hand-crocheted afghan and vintage CorningWare batter bowl.

Would love to hear if you’ve had some super amazing score!

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