Bought, Sold and Free

Not buying much lately because I’m focusing on getting already purchased items listed in my stores, but I did nip into a few thrift stores this week. (No sense going cold turkey!) I found a framed, needlepoint picture of the Mona Lisa that was weird and fabulous and made my heart beat faster, but it was $50. Yowee! I took a pass on that 😦

But I did buy a few lovely bits…


Two interesting-looking, bubbly glass dishes/ashtrays caught my attention right away. These could be used for all kinds of things.


Love this expertly handknit afghan. I’m tired just thinking of all the work that went into this! It’s in pristine condition and even smells fresh and clean.


A Norwegian peanut shaker…who knew there was such a thing!?! Apparently this was part of the Royal Viking Cruise Lines dining room dishes in the 1970s.

And a few lovely bits have already sold this month…sad to see my wiseman go!!

And in the free category, my oldest daughter and I found two very shabby, but functional outdoor wicker and metal chairs by the side of the road. Since we are lacking in outdoor seating we nabbed ’em. I figure with a little TLC and paint, they’ll be just fine. Though I have to admit I don’t mind them like this either!!


How about you? Any good finds?


  1. Reblogged this on Jewish Books Are Awesome and commented:
    I just had to reblog these gorgeous finds.


    1. Thanks Eugenia!!! You’re the best!! Karen


    1. Thanks!! Alas, my husband is NOT fond of wicker, but we have so little outdoor furniture that these have already come in handy. – Karen


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