To Video, or Not to Video…

I watch a lot of “thrifting” YouTube videos. Particularly the ones made by resellers. Some people talk about their thrift store/yard sale hauls, some share about the things they’ve sold recently, some include tips and tricks of the trade. I’ve learned a few things.

My husband once said, “Why don’t you do videos?”

“Not my thing,” I answered. Which is true. I’d rather write about my finds.

Then one morning I was sitting in my car with an hour to kill before an estate sale opened and I took out my little camera and started recording my thoughts for a few minutes.

I played back the video and was horrified. I had managed to position the camera in such a way that it captured a great view up my nose and my droopy jaw line.

Okay, I thought, I just need to get a different angle.

After two more takes…two more horrified takes…I threw in the towel. Yes, okay, my hair was scraped back into a ponytail and my lips were chapped, but still the only thing that looked good in the video…and I’m serious about this…were my eyelashes.

And here’s the problem…in my mind’s eye I see myself as I was about 20 years ago…before the droops and wrinkles.  That’s what I think I still look like. These little video attempts were a reality check.

Now here’s the thing, I NEVER wanted to do videos, but now I’m rather obsessed with the idea. I keep thinking, what if I wear more moisturizer or use one of those light-diffusing face powders? Maybe do something more flattering with my hair? More subtle lighting? More makeup. Jeez, I don’t know.

So I tried. I tried in several locations in my house. I wasted a whole morning taking clips and dumping them in iMovie. I wanted to feel like I could do this and not look like Methuseleh. Then I realized (big epiphany) that my inner child needs to embrace my outer middle-aged self!

In the end, I saved a video version I took in dim (aka subtle) light. Not sure I’ll do this again…






  1. Joyce Jackson Hayden

    Just watched your Video and thought you were great! You looked good and I enjoyed seeing what you have bought lately.


    1. Thanks Joyce!!! Your comment is much appreciated 🙂 It was an odd experience, to say the least! – Karen


  2. Way to go, Karen!!!! What a surprising new look…I’m not sure you’d want to wear the lips stick to the grocery store, but you are right, on a video it looks great! Did you find anything to come to terms about when you met Mimi????? If I were in another stage of life, I would buy that bowl to use as an Easter centerpiece—I think it would be fabulous!

    love, Rosalie


    1. Thanks Rosalie. I hardly ever wear lipstick, but decided my lips really needed some help in the video! My visit to Mimi got moved to this Friday. I really like the ceramic basket too. It’s on my mantel right now so I can enjoy it before it sells 🙂 XOXO


  3. I thought you were fine. You did not sound at all uncomfortable. I tried doing a video once…ugh. I’m sue it gets better and better. I too watch a lot of haul videos and seeing the differences between when a Youtuber first starts out to now is amazing. They seem like pros after a few weeks. Love the basket you found and the first jar you showed.


    1. Hey thanks Veronica! My husband thinks I should do another video, but if I do I want it to be more professional 🙂 I love the basket too! Hoping I get to keep it for a while before it sells. – Karen


  4. Hi Karen, I really enjoyed your video and great finds! I love the Sesame Street cook book and that cool pottery basket.


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