Handmade and Beautiful Thrift Store Score

In a world of mass-produced stuff (much of it crap), finding handmade items in thrift stores is like finding gold amongst the dross. You can peruse shelf after shelf of glassware, ceramics and tchotchkes and never find anything handmade other than a lumpy pot that was once a school art project.

But yesterday I spotted this artisan-made ceramic pot on a shelf and I almost did a jig in the store. It’s a small carved piece with a Southwestern vibe. The brown glaze has a slightly wood-grain look to it. So nicely done and intriguing.


Okay, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. I know a few people who would look at this and grimace. But I think it has a certain organic appeal.

It had only been out on the shelves two days and I was pleased to find it before the “Bluetooth” picker found it! He is usually there when I’m there and always talking on this Bluetooth! I don’t see him buy much, but he’s persistent (like me). Once I saw him carrying around a large wood platter that looked like it could have been an antique dough bowl. Well spotted dude!

Anyway, the pot is keeping the basket company on my mantle till they both sell.


Now if I could just decipher the name…Ham or Haim Blutteram? Or? Ideas?


Happy Hunting!

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