An Emotional Biz…

I never realized that buying and selling would make me so darn emotional!  When things don’t sell as quickly as I’d like, I’m in the pit of despair. When they sell, it’s happy dance time. When I don’t find good things to buy, I’m in a funk, but when I find something good, I’m as high as a kite. Who know it was such an emotional business?!!

But, thankfully, I am becoming more sanguine and even keeled about it. I’m learning that buying and selling has its seasons. Even the uber successful full-time resellers experience times of ebb and flow.

Well, here’s my ebb and flow lately…


Popped into Goodwill this morning and found a few goodies.  Almost missed this vintage Fat Lava jug (Scheurich-Keramik, West Germany) because it was on a top shelf. The price tag indicated that it had been put on shelf just the day before! So glad I spotted this.

Scheurich-Keramik Fat Lava Jug, #423-18, West Germany. Circa 1960-1970


I also found this still-life painting. Probably just a student piece from an art class and yet I think it has a certain appeal. Don’t you? It was reasonably priced and worth the risk.


And I couldn’t resist these decorative horn caviar spoons still in their box. Not worth much, but someone will like them.



I’ve been pleased with a steady stream of sales the past five weeks. Here’s one of my favorites that sold…a great handmade vase found at Goodwill.


Also sold an old love token made from Canadian dime.  Here’s the backstory: I sold this love token once before on eBay. The buyer returned it deciding she didn’t want it after all.  Now five years later I put the token in my Etsy store and it sold again and this is the best part, the last name on the token is the same as the last name of the buyer…McKay!


And I sold the old Chinese shoes I bought at a liquidation estate sale. They sold in less than 24 hours after I listed them in my store…which makes me think I had them priced too low. NUTS! Despite my research I had a hard time pricing them. But I still made a $50 profit, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.


And this past weekend a woman in my hometown (bless her) bought eight books! I offered to deliver them to her house (about 4 miles away) and refund her postage, but we couldn’t work out the arrangements and I didn’t want to just leave them on her porch so I mailed them this morning. Love that these books are finding new homes!


I’m so excited that I have two picking appointments this week. One at the home of a 90-year-old woman who is moving to a nursing home.  The woman’s daughter-in-law is a good friend of mine and she is the one who arranged for me to have this exclusive, pre-estate sale pick!

Then a few day’s later I’m back to an upscale retirement community to see about buying a few more goodies from a woman who’s downsizing. As I discovered on my last visit, all of her stuff is nice, but some things are a tad esoteric. Here’s one I’m vacillating on buying…her husband’s vintage PhD graduation gown. It’s from Cotrell & Leonard in Albany, NY (the “originators of the cap and gown industry in the U.S.) and in great condition. It’s burgundy with black trim. I checked on Worthpoint and the few that have sold range from $21 to $330 (for a complete Harvard 1969 set of gown, cap and hood, sold in 2007). I’m going to find out where the husband earned the degree as that could have a bearing on the desirability and price. Might to be worth the gamble!

So here’s to going with the ebb and flow.

Happy hunting!!!

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