A Global Pick

Without a doubt I love going to liquidation estate sales. Usually the houses have been picked over by family members so the interior is slightly denuded and in disarray…which is fine by me. There are always odd bits left and the prices are great.

So when I received this liquidation sale notice from my favorite company (Kuzak’s Closets) with the accompanying photos of a pristine, full interior with lots of furniture, I wasn’t sure if this sale was for me. I deal mainly in “smalls.”


But this was an interesting opportunity…the HOA regulations for the condo specified that only 20 people could attend the sale. So the estate sale company opened it up to the first 20 people that emailed back. I thought, why not?! It’s only 4 miles away. I quickly emailed and made the list!

Today was sale day and my strategy, as always, was to find old, cool, small stuff.

Once inside the condo I took an immediate left and found myself in a bedroom that had a few tchotchkes.

I quickly snagged the old Chinese/Tibet brass dragon studded with coral, lapis and turquoise. (This photo doesn’t do him justice.)


And a museum copy of an old jar was quite appealing. Possibly Greek?


And a chunk of petrified wood from the Southwest…yup!


Got these three in my bag before anyone else even discovered this room 🙂

Elsewhere in the condo I found some playing cards from Austria.


And a carved wood box from Poland.


Also got a few art books, including this “Van Gogh’s Van Goghs” from Amsterdam.


My last pick, which everyone else ignored, was a beautiful Japanese silk kimono in reasonable condition. I am lounging in it now as I write this.


And I got a good price for everything!!

Feeling quite happy, I trundled out to my car with my two bags of goodies…so glad I decided to come and enjoy what turned out to be quite an international pick! Hope to have these items in my Etsy store soon.

Happy hunting!!


  1. Hi—your latest search turned out very successfully! It made me interested enough to check outyour ETsy store–I see you have a number of things listed, Like the ceramic egg! I looked at those gold earrings, but decided I couldn’t afford to spend that on myself ( not with my tendancy to lose an odd earring! recovering from 2nd cataract surgery, this one is taking a bit longer to clear up) but it must be improving, as I can see what I’m writing! I’ll check back soon and see wht else you get listed.


    1. Thanks for checking my store Rosalie. I did list the egg…wasn’t sure what price to put!!! – Karen


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