1970s Fabulousness

On Memorial Day I needed to pick up a prescription at my nearby Walgreens, and as the drug store is just a tad over a mile away, I decided to walk. And since Goodwill is just a few blocks from Walgreens and was having a 25% off sale, I decided to go there first. Good plan!

Goodwill opened at 9:00 and when I got there at 9:40 it was already crowded and had a long checkout line! Darn. Did I miss all the good stuff already? Humph. So I metaphorically “hitched up my pants” and went to work. I scoured the shelves. Picked up tons of stuff. Put down tons of stuff down.

Then I found it.

A glorious handmade ’70s ceramic pitcher. It was big, brown, and chunky and signed and dated on the bottom (Dora? ’72).


When I got home with it, my family looked at it with raised eyebrows. There was an unspoken “what were you thinking?”

Okay, here’s why I bought it…besides being in pristine condition, totally usable and authentic, I think it could look good in today’s interiors. 1970s decor may not be in vogue, but what if you take a ’70s item and drop it into a modern room? I think it could easily join the ceramic pieces on the round table.


Photo from freshome.com.

Or how about this mid-century styled room? This pitcher would look fabulous on the coffee table.

Photo from Houzz.com

Photo from Houzz.com

Bottom line, I bought this pitcher because I know it will find a new home with someone creative who appreciates authentic vintage items instead of mass-produced imports from China. Maybe you!!

P.S. In the end I only bought two things at the Goodwill sale, but had to wait 20 minutes to check out. One couple ahead of me bought three huge bags of clothes. Another guy had five cardboard boxes full of stuff! I was amazed to say the least!

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