When the Price is Right…

A few days ago I received an email from eBay with a $15-off coupon code. Nice!! The catch? The code expired in five days and the purchase amount had to be over $50. Hmmm. At first I thought I’d just let this offer pass…and then I thought, why not see if I can find some fabulous, undervalued item for around $50 and use the code.

But I wasn’t going to buy just anything to take advantage of the offer. It had to be good. Really good. And at a really good price.

ebayNow, for the uninitiated eBay has a bazillion things for sale, seriously, in just about every category imaginable. But I decided to start my search with one of my favorite categories, antique sterling silver. Silver is not only beautiful and functional, but retains value as a precious metal.

Typing in “antique sterling silver” narrowed my search down to 219, 627 items and those items were in categories. I chose Bowls which had over 5,000 items and further narrowed my search by limiting it to bowls in the $50 – $80 range, which left me about 400 to look at. So far, so good.

And within 5 minutes I found it. A unique little bowl with a good weight of 106 grams of silver. In fact I had never seen a pattern like this. It looked so 1960s with its daisies and paisley-like swirls and yet the bowl is from the 1800s.

But there was a problem.

The bowl was an auction which would end after the coupon expired. So even if I won, I wouldn’t be able to use the code. Nuts!

But I wasn’t ready to give up. I contacted the seller and explained the situation and said if she wanted to switch the bowl to a Buy It Now, I’d buy it. And guess what, she did, and I did! And the seller (bless her heart) got the bowl in the mail ASAP and I got it within 2 days from Florida.

With the $15 off coupon and free shipping, I got this wonderful little antique bowl for $40! Forty dollars!!! Which in my book is a fabulous price.

Eventually…eventually this will end up in my Etsy store, but not just yet 🙂

Happy hunting!!


  1. I congratulate you! perseverance did pay off! It does look like a very interesting bowl!


    1. Thanks Rosalie 🙂 It is interesting!! I’m still trying to figure out who made it. The maker’s mark is fairly worn, but I have a few silver sites I go to that might help. – Karen


    2. Judy Gartman

      It’s beautiful, Karen! Happy for you!


      1. Thanks Judy!! It is rather sweet. – Karen


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