Catalina Pottery Find in Goodwill

I so appreciate that Goodwill accepts returns, but there’s a catch…you only get store credit and you have to use all the credit when you return the item. So I walked into the store yesterday with a $9.99 item to return and a challenge. Would I be able to find anything good to use up the $9.99 credit?

So I wandered…up this aisle and down the next. I found a tiki mug, but it was a repro made in China. A vintage ceramic figurine had a chipped ear. A generic crystal dish…no thank you. But 15 minutes into the hunt I found it.  A Catalina Pottery bowl (or planter) for $6.99. YES!!


It’s in good condition. No chips or cracks. Just a little bit of wear. Another seller dates this bowl to the 1930s and the colors (gray and aqua) seem right for that period. After more research I found out that the marks on the bottom indicate that this bowl was made after the Catalina company (Clay Products Division) was sold to Gladding, McBean in 1937. This company (still in existence) continued to use the name “Catalina Pottery” on select pieces until 1942. And this is one of them!


I love finding vintage stuff that is still so usable today.

How about using this on a coffee table holding matchbooks or corralling jewelry on a nightstand or as a place to toss loose change?


I used up the rest of my store credit on two books and left Goodwill a happy camper, which doesn’t always happen! I look forward to getting this “Made in the USA” beauty listed in my store. 🙂

How about you? Any good finds?


  1. Pretty find. I like the colour combination.


    1. Me too! It feels “fresh” to me 🙂


  2. that indeed is a find! i love it- but i don’t know catalina pottery; will you do a post on it sometime? edwina


    1. Thanks Edwina. That’s a great idea. There are a bunch of old (mostly defunct) US pottery companies that I could include: Catalina, Hall, Hull, Haeger, McCoy, Fiesta, Frankoma, Roseville, Red Wing, Grueby. Would love to find a bit of Grueby for $6.99!!! – Karen

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