Not All Vintage Stuff Deserves a Place in Our Homes

Yesterday in my town, a woman was cleaning out a storage area in her home and found a box of World War II-era grenades and knee mortars. The bomb squad was called and it was determined that at least one was live! They detonated the box on site and all turned out well. But what a curious thing to have stored in your home and not know it was there! I imagine she had a few heart-stopping moments as she carried out the box to her driveway.

I’ve never found anything quite so dangerous in my house, but there are a few vintage things that I’ve unearthed and I think WHY, WHY, WHY do I still have these?

  • “humorous” post-breakup letters from an old boyfriend, circa 1979! (At first he blamed himself for our breakup but a later letter said it was both our faults and that I had problems too. Well, no doubt I did, but my biggest problem was that he started treating me like crap!)


  • my Daisy Duke cutoff shorts, circa late ’70s/early ’80s. (My husband said “Hey, you should wear these” and I thought, well, bless his heart for thinking I could still fit in them!)


  • old college papers banged out on a typewriter (Lots of white-out and lackluster writing. Do I really need to read these again??)
  • old textbooks (For all those moments when I may want to read Freud and Kierkegaard again. Ha, ha, ha!)
  • an old Sears cotton cropped blouse that I wore in high school. (Loved the print on this. I’m sure I wore it a few times with my Daisy Duke shorts. But why have I kept it all these years? I couldn’t wear it today if I wanted to and my daughters don’t want it.)

fabric print

It struck me that I have saved and carted around these bits all these years because they are reminders of my younger self and a different life. Not a better life, just a different one. But these things are not usable by me and some actually bring up sad memories.

Hmmm…I’m thinking today is a good day to clean house and detonate (okay, donate) some stuff!

What needs to be detonated in your house?


  1. Thanks for posting this! It made me stop and think of all the “stuff” I have saved. My “stuff” is even older than yours. Mine comes from graduating from high school in 1950. So, I have the 40’s and 50’s memories stored in boxes. I am going to start “throwing away”, because that was, as you say, a different life. I really don’t think I will wear the suit I wore on my first trip to Europe when I was 23. My life is definitely better now after celebrating 56 years of marriage to “the man” who mattered!!

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    1. Way to go Joyce!! It feels good getting rid of this pointless old stuff. I hope it feels good for you too! And well done on the 56 years of marriage…what a wonderful testimony to your love and commitment. – Karen


    1. Hi Rosalie. It turns out that Tasha does want the blouse…which really pleases me. I have to attack all the papers in my file drawers too. I have copies of invoices from projects I did over 10 years ago! Take care, Karen


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