Lately there have been a lot of major life changes in my small family. My youngest daughter just started college 900 miles away. My oldest daughter just signed a contract to work as a graphic designer at a startup and will be moving out in a month or two (about 40 miles away). And me, I’m quitting a stable, good, part-time job to plunge more fully into the vagaries of selling vintage items and antiques. All these changes are going to mean a lot of adjustments on so many levels.  No more of those wonderful little moments you take for granted–the family movie nights and games of Taboo and eating pizza together listening to “Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.”


Four packages ready to go in today’s mail: a book, a brooch, a lot of photos and two ’60s sewing patterns.

Though I am a little sad (okay, a lot sad) I am reminding myself that these changes are all good. And I realize that my career refocus couldn’t have happened at a better time. It’s giving me energy and excitement and new things to learn!

So onto the good stuff. This week I visited my newly renovated, neighborhood Goodwill (SO MUCH NICER) and found some goodies…like this Boleslaweic (made in Poland) cheese server, circa 1980s.


And a hand-made, signed ceramic tray with handles. It was so long and skinny and odd that I had to buy it. It’s in colors of maroon and gray which make me think it’s also from the ’80s.


When I brought it home my daughter looked at the it, raised an eyebrow and asked, “What’s it for?” GULP.  “Well, I don’t know…maybe serving cheese and crackers, sushi, rolls??” Any ideas??

I also bought a carved stone candlestick made in Kenya. When I picked it up, the stone had such a lovely smooth feel and heft. It’s not valuable, but I think this would look good in a modern room or a romantic room or even a gothic room (it reminds me a little of a spine!).


And I’ve had a few eBay finds…like these Coro (gold-plated sterling silver) jeweled bees. Too cute, right?  Hope to wear these a few times before I sell them.

Vintage Coro bee pins

So I’m plugging away, dealing with the changes. Happy for all the good things happening in my daughters’ lives though it’s not going to be easy on this mother’s heart.

How about you?  Any big changes in your life?

I’ll close with David Bowie’s “Changes.” Not sure it really fits, but I like the song!


  1. I think you bought a baguette tray. 🙂


    1. Karen, I think you could be right!!! – Karen


  2. I have a china tray a lot like this, and my dad always said it was the lefse plate ( lefse is rolled and then place on the plate,,,,,love those bee pins!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rosalie. I have never heard of lefse. Had to look it up. 🙂 I’m glad the tray might have some good uses!! – Karen


  3. Major changes are very difficult but at least you have the business you love to keep you busy and happy. Love all the cool finds 🙂


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