The other day I was in Goodwill doing one of my usual runs through the store. Though the store had just opened for the day, there were already seven other pickers perusing the shelves! Thankfully most of them seemed to be looking at things that I never touch: electronics, video games, vinyl records and newer stuff.

I always head down the pottery aisle first. I have an affinity for well-made, hand-made pottery and I usually find a few pieces tucked amongst the mass-produced stuff.


A few things immediately jumped out at me, like this abstract vase with a mid-century vibe. As I started to turn it over to look at the bottom I thought, “Please, please, please don’t have a ‘Made in China’ sticker.” Ha, and it didn’t. The vase was a Lapid, made in Israel. I didn’t even bother researching it in the store…I knew it was a winner. (Turns out it’s circa 1960s and similar vases start at $45 and go to over $100. Gotta love the zany pattern and colors on this.)


And I also found this little bud vase for $1.69. The maker’s mark is a weird, nubby emblem that I haven’t figured out yet, but it looks rather good on my mantel with my antique candlesticks!


In the clothing racks I found a vintage print shirt by British Khaki (made in Hong Kong) with old-fashioned winter images on it. Unusual to say the least!


I also found a machine-embroidered blouse from Russia or perhaps Romania. The collar, front, sleeves and cuffs all have embroidery. Rather sweet, don’t you think? 


Now, I have to say upfront that I don’t do men’s clothes. I don’t. I have a few ties I’m trying to sell, but other than that I don’t do men’s clothes. But then I found this men’s fair isle sweater vest in the women’s section. Oh jeez. It’s Italian. So well made. So soft. And looks like it was never worn. I’m guessing it was a gift to a grandpa and sat in a drawer for a few decades and now grandpa’s gone.

Well, I had to buy it. Apparently I am doing men’s clothes.


I did pass up buying a Bavarian china dish. It was nice quality, but the roses and worn gold edge just made it too fussy and out of vogue. I see so much of this type of china at estate sales. Grandma china. I also passed on bunches of “collector” plates. You know the decorative ones from Franklin Mint. I don’t find them interesting in the least and most have so little value anyway.

So I’m happy with my finds so far this week and my decisions on what to buy. I feel redeemed from my stupid buys last week! Now to get all this stuff listed in my store. 🙂

Happy hunting you’all!


  1. That sweater looks cozy! I have been searching high and low for a men’s Irish Fishrmans sweater for a few years now. I know they are out there, but no where to be found!

    Your photo shows alot of good stuff in the huge dishware department- Would love walking that isle!

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    1. Hi Pam! The sweater is so nice I couldn’t resist buying it! It’s a size XL, but honestly if it was smaller, I’d keep it for myself. Those Irish Fisherman sweaters are fabulous…I never find them either!

      This is my neighborhood Goodwill just reopened a couple of weeks ago after a renovation and it is much more pleasant to shop here. And the dishware aisle is my favorite 🙂

      All the best, Karen

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  2. you definitely have the ‘gift’ for finding the good stuff! ( wish I had a man to give th weater to!)

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  3. Judy Gartman

    I always enjoy reading about your shopping adventures, Karen, and love your pictures. You really found some winners this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Judy!!! I’m having so much fun doing this 🙂


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