What’s On Your Christmas List?

When my daughters were younger and my extended family larger, there was a lot of Christmas shopping to do every year. Many “wish lists” to be created and shared and copious amounts of shopping, wrapping and shipping. It was pretty darn stressful, and finally a few years ago, I suggested cutting back on some of the gift giving. Let me tell you that was the best…move…ever!

So far this year I’ve just bought a few small things for my daughters. But when both my daughters asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I was stumped! There is nothing I need and I can’t think of anything I want. One year I suggested my family give to one of my favorite charities as a gift to me, but no one did. So I’m thinking my list will probably consist of consumables…wine, tea, chocolate and maybe some classic old movies on DVD.

Anyway, I’ve been busy adding more fun finds to my Etsy stores anticipating some holiday sales!

And I tried my luck at my neighborhood Goodwill this morning. Found a few things in the “sweet” category. A small, framed iris print signed by Katsumi Sugita and a figurine that is a Dept 56 snowbaby. (“Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”) I rarely buy mass-produced collectibles but I thought he was cute. Alas my research is showing I wouldn’t make much reselling him (which is one of the problems with mass-produced collectibles!) so he may end up going back 😦


Later in the morning, my daughter (who was off from work) had a hankering to go to a consignment shop. I tagged along and found this antique Italian micro mosaic pin. I plan on adding it to a group of little pins.


Well, enough for now! As always, happy hunting, and I hope you’ll share what’s on your Christmas list!


  1. my Christmas list includes : JOY….meaningfulness/time with fam/friends…candlelight service…I would love to have a job, an apt., and be a foster mum this yr….perhaps “adopt” an orphan at “Oasis for Orphans”….dream of a vacation with you…

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    1. Such a great list Lauri!! These are all the things I’m praying for you!! 🙂 Karen


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