Home Turf and November Sales

After a vacation it always feels good to be home. And after my disappointing thrift store bust in Houston this past weekend, I was anxious to get back to my home turf Goodwill in Silicon Valley to see what I could find. So Tuesday morning I was there a few minutes after it opened. It wasn’t crowded, but there were seven pickers already in action. (Geez Louise!!)

blog8I found a few intriguing bits including a ceramic Erphila madonna bust from Germany (sorry for the blurry photo taken hurriedly on my phone). She had a mended finger, but was otherwise perfect…but honestly $19.99!! A tad excessive for a thrift store.

But I did find a couple of neat smalls including this wood bowl/basket handmade by R. Minato in Bridge Lake, British Columbia (according to the bottom). I think this would look good in most decors, except perhaps some super fancy rococo nonsense. Even in a stark modern house you could spray paint it black and it would look great.


And I spotted this small watercolor and ink painting of whimsical birds on a branch. It’s only 12″ wide by 5″ tall and has been custom matted and framed. The artist’s name looks like “B. Coffin” or ?


Just finding these two bits cheered me.

I realized I seem to be trending birds lately because the day before my vacation I found this vintage Tonala, Mexico, burnished pottery owl at my Goodwill. I won’t mind if he sticks around for a while!


And do these things sell? They do…eventually!

Here are a few of my November sales:

  • Holiday shoes bought $5.00, sold $25.00. (The shoes were an experiment as I have never dabbled in used shoes. Just not my thing. But these were very lightly used and I bought them from a friend of a friend.)
  • Tiny stone urn bought $10.00, sold $32.00. (I found this in an antique mall in Pacific Grove, CA, and felt there was a bit more money left in it.)
  • Waterman, Paris, pen bought $1.50, sold $75.00. (It was in a box with used ink cartridges and dirty blotting paper and I guess it didn’t look like much to the thrift store folks in Gilroy, CA. I would have sold it for more except the pen shaft had some visible wear. )
  • Weiss pearl/rhinestone earrings bought $13.00, sold $28.00. (I bought these in an antique mall in Lockport, NY, on a vacation in September. I knew these wouldn’t make a lot, but couldn’t resist their classy look.)
  • 1950s Matisse copper pin and earrings bought $20.00, sold $70.00.
  • “A Leg At Each Corner” book bought $2.00, sold $28.00.

Mostly modest profits, but I try to have a variety of interesting items with many price points. I have learned that not everything is worth trying to resell online when you factor in the time it takes to do all the research, photos and description, etc. for each listing. And some items are just too hard/time-consuming to package and ship.

Overall I am having a great time with my stores. It’s rather fun to do something different at this mid-season of life…even if it is just selling stuff!

Any good finds and/or sales you want to share??


  1. I find that smalls in the shop do very well but I like stocking bigger, pricier pieces too. I love the variety even if they do take longer to sell and some pieces I refuse to give up on!
    Happy selling 🙂

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    1. Thanks Patricia. I wish I could stock bigger pieces, but I don’t have much room for storage, and of course shipping costs can be prohibitive. Would love to get more into jewelry. Happy selling this holiday season! – Karen

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