Swimming in Goodies…

I keep thinking I need to put a moratorium on thrifting (I do!) until I get caught up with my backlog of inventory. (I have so many things to list in my stores.) But I’m glad I didn’t stop going this week because I found lots of goodies at my neighborhood Goodwill!

Like this cool artisan-made ceramic vase. (Thumbs up? Thumbs down? We are divided in my house about this.)


This little oriental (?) box is nicely done, but at home I discovered that it does have a crack not visible from the outside. In fact I only discovered the crack when I was washing it and felt it. The price tag got ruined when I pulled it off so the box is not returnable, but I’m thinking it’s still sellable.


It has a very curious maker’s mark on the bottom. Would be nice to find out more about it.


Also bought a group of six Bordallo Pinheiro (Portugal) demi cups and saucers. One cup has a chip, so I’ll do the listing for a set of five or four. Someone’s going to love these!


I also found two little framed prints of ’50s Paris street scenes by Zoe. This one is my favorite.


And this hand-painted strawberry pitcher by Takahashi of San Francisco. Not my cup of tea, but I could see it in a country kitchen or out on a picnic table in the summer.


But I think my best find this week is the ’80s Italian leather swing coat in kelly green. The coat and lining are in great condition.


Haven’t been able to decipher the logo yet.


The coat’s a tad big on me (a European size 48) otherwise I consider keeping it!

Well, maybe I’ll do a thrifting moratorium next week…maybe!

Happy hunting!

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