Reflecting on 2015

How was your 2015?

In looking back over the year (that went by much too quickly!) I realize for me it was a year of small delights. No big adventures, no overseas travel, no huge excitements, but lots of small blessings.

And I’m okay with that! As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more grateful for each day and more mindful of living in the present. This moment, right now, is the one I have. The one you have. I’m learning NOT to put things off to “the future.

Favorite small delights and blessings of 2015:

  • Seeing a dear friend I hadn’t seen for five years. We became friends in college and have remained friends all these years. Our lives have taken us on varied paths and often we have been separated by 6000 miles! Spending a day together in New York City was lovely.
  • Visiting my two brothers in Texas twice. My visit in November was particularly well timed as one of my brothers got a job in North Carolina and moved just a few weeks after my visit!
  • gardenpath-WEBSitting outside in the sun on our stoop and enjoying our front yard garden. So restful, so healing. Would love a bigger yard (and room for vegetables), but am grateful for what we have.
  • Treasuring pizza and movie/game nights with my husband and daughters. Always a treat! Particularly now as we are almost empty nesters.
  • Appreciating that recent health problems are not serious (just annoying)!
  • Deciding to step down from my part-time job of eight years to focus more on my vintage business. It was a hard decision, but the right one for me. Part of my “living in the present.”

And of course this list really includes hunting for wonderful things at thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales. I get such a kick at looking through all the stuff to find the truly good vintage bits. Sometimes my husband and daughters shake their heads at the things I buy. That’s okay. I know some of the things are a gamble!

I honestly wasn’t sure the ikebana ceramic “rock” vase would even sell and it sold in less than a day! The big, brown, man-cave pitcher (handmade by Dora in ’72) still hasn’t sold. (Yes, someday, chunky brown ceramic pieces will come back in style. They will!)

I knew the Italian alabaster bust would sell quickly…and it did. Likewise for the wood monk bookends.

But I’ve been surprised that these huge 1940s signed Weiss earrings have been in my store for over a year. I know they’ll find a home in 2016! Probably about the time I start wearing them.


I’m not doing a lot of hunting right now (focusing more on listing, getting caught up with my accounting and preparations for Christmas), but I still pop into my neighborhood Goodwill a couple of times a week. Found this little bronze rabbit statue before church yesterday. He’s only 6″ tall but weighs a hefty 2 pounds 4 ounces. No maker’s marks. (Alas, alas.) I believe he is bronze as opposed to spelter based on the scratch test I did on the bottom.


He’s rather charming, but I haven’t been able to find another like him online after several hours of searching!  How can this be? So frustrating! I’m thinking both rabbit lovers and book lovers will like him.

Well, I close for now still reflecting on the small delights of 2015 and looking forward to the joys of Christmas.

Blessings and happy hunting.


  1. what a great hunter you are–and I love the concept of the ‘little joys’…have a really great Christmas, between Christmas and New Year I may have some time for coffee, but you may be busy with family, let me know when you are free! A joyous Christmas to your family!

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    1. Thanks Rosalie…I would love to have coffee with you next week 🙂 Will shoot you off an email. – Karen


  2. merry christmas! and happy. and happy vintaging in 2016! edwina

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    1. Thanks Edwina. Same for you…love all the fun things you post 🙂 – Karen

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  3. Jana Urban-Buzek

    The pitcher will sell if you can link it to a Renaissance fair, festival, or Society of Creative Anachronism . Merry Christmas !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jana what a great idea!!! Now that you mention it, it looks like something out of the “Cadfael” mystery series. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you! – Karen


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