Boxing Day Vintage Find

Yesterday I celebrated a lovely, mellow Christmas day with my husband and daughters. Of course there were gifts and yummy food and Christmas music. And later video games (Grand Theft Auto) and working on a jig-saw puzzle and movies. (One not-so-traditional choice was “Terminator.”) And at night, in the moonlight, we took a walk to admire all the Christmas lights on our street. All in all a grand day.

And now it’s Boxing Day and I decided to try my luck at my neighborhood Goodwill first thing this morning. I figure lots of folks are cleaning out cupboards and closets and donating tons of stuff at this time of year…and I’m ready to find some of their treasures!

In the end though, I bought just one thing. One. Some days it’s like that. You go up and down aisles, rummage around the shelves, and examine dozens (and dozens) of things. Some items initially look great, but then you see the damage (the chip, the crack, the stain, the hole) or the “made in China” label.

Austrian-pitcherI did find an antique Austrian MZ china water pitcher. But it was priced at $23 and I’ll admit I flinched at that price. To be honest there still may be a lot of profit left in the piece. I found similar ones for sale online from $75-$175, but the only sold one I found went for $32. Big difference. (The one I saw at Goodwill looked similar in shape to this one but had different flowers.) I may go back tomorrow and check it out more thoroughly…if it’s still there!

My one buy?  A 1950s cropped “Designed by Lee Herman, California” sweaterIt’s a beauty in great condition. I’m guessing it has been tucked away for some decades. This would have been the kind of sweater my mother wore. In fact it reminds me of one she had!


Can’t you picture it over pink sheath dress for a garden party?  Not that my life includes garden parties…though I wish it did!

So just the one find…but a good one! And after Goodwill I went to a stationery store to pick up beautiful cards and wrapping paper for next Christmas…50% off. 🙂

And the rest of the day? Well, that has been left to puttering. The perfect kind of day to me.

Would love to hear how your Christmas and Boxing Day went and if you ventured out shopping today!

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