Ready for 2016?

The other day I pulled out my new 2016 desk calendar (I’m old school) and realized I need to start writing in all my January commitments…but looking at the pristine, blank pages gave me pause.


What do I want this year to look like? Do I have any goals?  Any dreams? (Do you?)

One of my dreams is to tackle a book-length writing project. I’ve been bouncing around several ideas (including writing a mystery book), playing with pages, but this coming year, 2016, is the year I want to get serious and stop piddling around! Maybe I need to block off “writing time” in this calendar. Make it a sacrosanct time. Hmmm.

Another dream, not surprisingly, is to take my little vintage business to “the next level.” That magical next level! I have a lot of things to do to grow it to the next level including getting a handle on the accounting piece, getting a better inventory storage system, and adding tons more listings. Perhaps I should block off “store time” in my calendar too! (Me thinks I’m on to something here!)

SIDEBAR: Thankfully sales continue to grow (albeit slowly), but it is encouraging. A validation. Take yesterday for example, this antique christening gown (in less than perfect condition) sold. I found this at an estate sale. It had been passed over by tons of other buyers, but despite its small condition issues, I knew it was a special piece. I am so glad someone else thinks so too!


So as I think about 2016, I realize my dreams can come true if I make them a priority. No more just wishing and hoping. Schedule in the time and do the work. Now I feel ready for 2016!


How about you…what are your dreams for 2016?


  1. Kristie Holsey

    With God’s help all things are possible. Go for it, Karen!!! Love you! Kristie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kristie…so true!!! XOXO


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