The last 24 hours have been wonderfully serendipitous for me.

First, I was blessed the other night by two dear friends giving me things they no longer wanted that they thought I might want to sell in my stores (yes, please!)…wonderful bits of vintage jewelry and small household items. I was touched by their generosity and have been having a fun time sorting through them. (Thank you Lisa and Ann!!) Here are a few I have listed already: red jasper bead necklace, Swarovski mini-standing duck crystal figurine and a vintage Coro pink aurora borealis brooch.

Then I sold a vintage boat book about a Piver Nimble trimaran to a guy who has one (!) and he mentioned that he was so excited to find this book 🙂


And I received an email from a potential buyer. Would I be willing to sell her just the accordion charm from a charm bracelet I was selling?  It would be a gift for a granddaughter. At first I thought, oh sure, why not. Then I thought, well, would be more work for me (I’d have to retake all the bracelet photos, etc.) and I should keep the bracelet together. Then I thought, be a mensch, sell her the charm she wants for her granddaughter!


And I’m glad I did.  Nanette* (not her real name) was so happy about this purchase that she shared a bit about her life….

It has been an interesting journey. I was foster child for four years then adopted behind my mother’s back. I found my real parents and older sister in 1971 when I was 20. I play guitar, piano, a little accordion and sang gospel semi-professionally. I learned that not only had my sister played the accordion, but my great-grandfather and his two daughters (my grandmother) used to sing on the radio; he played guitar and my grandmother was a gifted pianist! My granddaughter (who the charm bracelet is for) wants to be a singer.

I loved reading about Nanette’s life and hearing about her family’s musical legacy…and am soooo glad that I decided to sell her the charm.

And then, as icing on the cake, an old high school classmate I’ve reconnected with bought the kitschy sheep salt and pepper shakers that I shouldn’t have bought to begin with. The fun part…he and his wife raise sheep. (Enjoy them Mark!)

So I feel like all these wonderful, random things I’ve bought (and now sold) are heading off to good homes where they will be appreciated. It’s surprising but that does make a difference. I felt like I was walking on sunshine all day 🙂

Now today is different story…this morning I got a ridiculously low offer for a cool Hinge leather coat I have for sale on eBay. I was drinking my coffee thinking “Seriously?!  This is your offer!” I made a counter offer, but we are so far apart I don’t think we’ll have any meeting of the minds on this. That’s okay. I just listed it a few days ago. (And honestly, if this coat was a little bigger it would be going in my closet!!)


Well, it’s supposed to rain here most of today so it seems like a good day to stay home and keep listing stuff in my stores.

Happy hunting everyone!!!


  1. So you have an eBay store? Can you send me a link to it?


    1. Hi Carol…I do sell a few things on eBay. I don’t have much there now, but if you click on Hinge jacket link you’ll find me 🙂


  2. Thank you, so much, Karen, for letting me purchase the Accordian charm; God bless you for it! My sister, who is in Heaven is smiling, too! Blessings, Nancy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And blessings to you Nancy… 🙂 – Karen


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