A Good Day at the Rummage Sale

One of my favorite rummage sales is run by our local children’s hospital and manned by lovely older women. This month everything was 50% off!!! because they are losing their lease and will be moving.

Holy smokes. I knew I had to be there early to get in line for the 11:00 a.m. opening. The antiques and collectibles area of the sale (my fav area) only allows 15 people into that section at a time and I wanted to be in that first group.

So at 9:30 a.m. I left my house and was there at the 10:00. And glory be…I was fourth in line…fourth!! And wonder of wonders there were a few chairs in the hallway and I wouldn’t be standing for an hour or crouching or sitting on the floor.

While I had brought a book in anticipation of “killing an hour,” an older woman sat next to me and we started chatting. Kay now lives in San Francisco in a studio, but had at one time lived in my town and had a business teaching reading skills (with several patents to her name). She told me the name of the business but I couldn’t grasp part of the name and after the second time asking her to say it, got a bit embarrassed to ask again. We talked for almost the whole hour and it was so pleasant. At some point she asked if I had a business card and I gave her one. Turns out she might call me for some freelance writing work…but honestly, even though I know probably nothing will come of it, meeting her was a delight.

And the sale…oh jeez, I found some good stuff.  It was worth the wait.

A Few of my Finds

  • a Victorian-era Meriden B. Company silver plate tray that’s all fancy flourishes and patterns with a serving/dancing girl in the middle (my photo doesn’t do it justice)
  • a Peking glass vase with hand-painted grapes
  • a hand-blown, sandblasted vase with applied blue handles
  • two small bags of beautiful antique lace collars and trims
  • and an antique wire basket doo-dad that opens…I know what it is…care to make a guess?

There were a few things I passed up buying that I’m kicking myself about now. And I realize that there were areas of the sale I didn’t look through at all. Once my bag was full and everything paid for, I left. But why didn’t I just put the full bag in my car and head back in to look more? So obvious, right?!

But what’s done is done and I remind myself that it’s just stuff. There will be other sales, other deals, other stuff.

Happy hunting and I hope you’ll share some of your recent finds with me!


  1. It is a bit hard to tell the size of your “wire basket doo-dad” but I’m going to take a guess. My first thought was a strainer of some sort, but if the size is bigger I’m thinking it might be a corn popper. Then again the wire screen seems to have holes that might be to large… Oh I give up! Cool wall hanger whatever it is.

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    1. Hi Jeff…the basket size is about 3″ by 2″ if that’s any help! – Karen


      1. Rules out pop corn.


  2. that’s a soap-saver. you put your old bits of soap in it, and move it through water to create soap suds for washing up. they were used up until the 60s when cheap liquid detergent replaced soap for this purpose. but I like doo-dad better!

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  3. Well that’s a first for me.

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  4. Love the sand blasted vase!


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