Death, Dads and a Few Finds

A dear friend’s father died last week and as we spoke about it we shared similar stories about our fathers who had not been “quite there” for us growing up. They were good men, hard workers, but uninterested in their children’s lives and certainly not given to praise or affection. (Anyone else relate to this?)

Maybe this is typical of that generation (born in the 1930s). I don’t know. But even now decades and decades later, there’s still a small part of me that would like to hear “good job” once in a while (or maybe once!). Like the other day. I was telling my dad about a recent score I’d made and instead of responding “Wow, that’s great” or similar, he started bragging about a cousin of mine he’s close to who had bought a slot machine for $10 and resold it for $2,000…which blew my little score out of the water.

Sigh. Well, it is what it is. There’s lots more I could say about this but I know you’re probably yawning…so let’s get to the good stuff!

Weekend Thrift Store Finds

On Saturday I visited Grey Bears Thrift Store in Santa Cruz. It’s near the end of a cul-de-sac in a confusing collection of portable buildings and open yard spaces. But it’s worth the trouble finding and exploring. They had organized book and electronics rooms and lots of nice decor bits in a separate portable. Not a lot of clothes, though I was tempted by a vintage army dress jacket, but not at $26. They also had an area with dozens of wheelchairs, walkers and Depends!

My favorite find here was this vintage red and gold bubble glass ashtray. It’s super nice and super heavy and would look great in so many different decors. Don’t you think?

I also had to buy this 1950s “150 ways to play Solitaire” book. It reminded me of something my Gram would have owned.


Interestingly in the book room there’s a sign that says folks scanning books will be charged a $10 fee on top of their book purchase! Be forewarned!

And at Goodwill early Sunday morning before church I found two cool framed numbered prints by San Francisco artist Laura Blacona. I did not risk having them put on hold behind the counter after “losing” an embroidered piece that way a few days ago. (I immediately paid and put them in my car.) I love the colors and the zany Chagall-like vibe.

I’m not finding any of her prints for sale right now, so pricing these may be tricky! But my husband likes these too, so I might keep them for a while 🙂

How about you…any finds that knocked your socks off?

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