Enjoying “New” Decor…for a While

One of the benefits of buying vintage things to resell is that I get to display some of them in our house till they sell. But I’ve learned the hard way that some things sell faster than I want, so a few I haven’t listed yet, like this Paris Ardant watercolor I bought a few months ago.


I was in Paris decades ago when I was two months pregnant with my oldest daughter. I had accompanied my husband on a business trip and we had had a few days together to explore the city. Later when he was at the office, I explored the city on my own and it was lovely. And April. (Yes, April in Paris.) I remember having coffee at sidewalk cafe on the Champs-Élysées. This very street. So I think, I might hang on to this painting for a bit.

Then…good grief…without trying I found this vintage vase from a UK Etsy seller. Honestly I wasn’t looking!! But the vase seemed to beg to be with the painting. (N’est ce pas?)


So when the the vase arrived I put it on the picture rail next to the painting and they were indeed very sympatico. 🙂


And then I discovered that the vintage red and gold ashtray I got a week ago looks great on my coffee table with a few other secondhand items including my $1.74 ceramic vase. Hmm…I think I’ll hold off listing this for a bit!!


But in my defense, I do list most things! Like this vintage made-in-Japan, pearlized Madonna planter-vase bought at my local Goodwill. I know someone is going to love this beauty. She dates from the ’30s-’50s and has great Art Deco lines. (I might use her as a pencil holder till she sells.)


And I listed the six handpainted Ken Edwards, Tonala, made in Mexico mugs also found at Goodwill. These are so nice and collectible. I have these in my china hutch, but I am not going to use them as I don’t want to risk breaking one!

And I also listed this wonderful 1950s Haeger ceramic planter which would be perfect for a bonsai plant or corralling recipe cards, matches, etc.

Well, hope to find more stellar goodies this week. 🙂

How about you?? Any good finds?

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