A Tough Morning for Buying

Got up early this morning to hit two yard sales and two estate sales. Stopped at the ATM first to get LOTS of cash.  Turns out I didn’t need LOTS of cash.

My first stop was a yard sale advertised as a “Crazy Big Sale” with lots of treasure. Well, can I say, it wasn’t that big and there was precious little treasure (at least for me)…four walkers, lots of cassette tapes, damaged lamps, stained women’s clothes…you get the picture. I left without buying a thing! And worst was the little argument that ensued between two of the people running the yard sale. I was happy to skedaddle.

Next I stopped at an estate sale in a posh town with lots of posh stuff listed in the ad. Honestly though it wasn’t an estate sale, just another yard sale. I got there 40 minutes after it started and apparently all the good stuff was gone because there were no books, jewelry, Hermes pieces, vintage photos. None of the stuff listed. I ran into my friend Diane and we both shook our heads sadly, “Not much here” we agreed. In the end I bought a bag of rock specimens for $2 that included rose quartz, fools gold and a small geode.


This is not a great specimen so I plan on using in my garden.

A bit later I went to another yard sale billed as a “Moving and Downsizing Sale.” It was being held in a parking lot and the older couple wasn’t set up at 9:00 (their advertised opening time). A small group of us waited as they unpacked. Turns out they had lots and lots of pre-owned women’s shoes. Not my thing, but I did buy this barely worn pair of Zita Marie Italian red leather boots (size 39). Someone will appreciate the quality in these. I also bought 3 pairs of nice leather gloves and a sweet old photo in nice wood frame. For $7 total I was a happy camper.


Next I drove to an estate sale now in its second day hoping to get some deals. Alas the goods were definitely well picked over. Here’s a sample of a things I bought…vintage sheet music, pocket-sized St. Andrew missals (circa 1947, Bruges, Belgium), a vintage cast iron garden faucet with a Nelson Rainboy brass nozzle, a fun ’67 exercise book (“How to Stay Slender and Fit Over Thirty”) and an English Hoveringham Tipper matchbox truck.

I was happy with my bits until I got home and noticed that the Hoveringham matchbox toy was in terrible condition (how had I not noticed??). It is missing most of its wheels, the tail gate is gone and one of the hydraulic lifts is busted, to say nothing of the paint loss. I don’t know what planet I was on when I put this in my bag. (Well, it’s one for the Goodwill bag or maybe the garbage can.)

Was hoping to find some kick-butt scores today, but it just didn’t happen. After tooling around for hours, I called it quits and went back home.

Some days it’s like that. But I did get a few “bread and butter” items that I know will sell and had fun, so it’s all good. 🙂

How about you? Any fabulous scores??


  1. estate sales do sound hit and miss- we don’t have them in Australia. second hand and vintage stuffs are collected through charity shops, garage sales or antique shops.

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    1. They can be really good, but also pricey if you are planning on reselling the items. I try to go on the second day of the sale when they offer discounts…but then you don’t get the best selection. 😦


  2. Don’t let the thought of paying full price on the first day scare you away. I find that if you look hard enough you will find under valued items at almost any sale. Think outside your comfort zones. You also get the “lay of the land” and have a bit of an advantage if you choose to come back after items have been discounted.


    1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for the encouragement. And I so agree about “thinking outside your comfort zones.” I think that’s why I ended up buying an old garden faucet and nozzle! 🙂 – Karen

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  3. You so often make me laugh with some of your adventures! I have never been to an estate sale. I so want to start getting into that. You inspire me.

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    1. Thanks Vee!! I hope you do try out some estate sales. They can be fabulous!! – Karen


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