“Monday, Monday…”

Monday, Monday, so good to me
Monday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would be…

(The Mamas & the Papas)

It was so lovely to start this week with a coffee date with girlfriends Ann and Lisa. Such a gift in our busy lives. Doesn’t happen often enough! And the cafe where we met at was just a mere three blocks from a Savers Thrift Store. Well, you know I had to go there too! (This Savers is BIG, but alas just far enough away that it’s not on my regular thrifting route. But I’m realizing is probably worth the 30-minute trek in traffic…especially now that I have my Savers card I can take advantage of special deals!)

I focused on my usuals–pottery, china, art, knickknacks, fabric, games and books. My most exciting find was a 1961 Great Britain Monopoly Board Game by John Waddington. The box is a tad rough, but the board looks good other than a little “fold wear” and all the cards are there. Gosh, this find made me smile!! I mean it’s survived 55 years of usage and storage in pretty good shape. (Better than me!) And it was priced at $2.99! My local Goodwill  would have priced this between $8 and $12.


I also found a book that piqued my interest…“Games Mother Never Taught You: Corporate Gamesmanship for Women”, a 1970s book, reprinted in 1987. For some reason I doubt much has changed in the corporate world for women. 😦


As I headed home from the wonderful coffee date and thrifting at Savers, I realized I was passing by a St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. Well…okay, might as well pop in! It had been at least six months since my last visit which sadly wasn’t a success. And this visit was proving to be the same…my two best finds today were priced at $25 and not resellable for much more than that. Like this 1963 Arnels ceramic grape tray. It’s deliciously over-the-top and quirky, but my quick research in the store showed that most folks were selling this at $24-29. Darn! I put it down. No money to be made with this.


Here’s an ebay listing of the dish I found.

And I found a good sized (possibly three yards) fabric remnant of big blue and pink flowers. It was a substantial cotton fabric and perfect for those who like the shabby chic, English cottage look. I couldn’t find the price tag, but when I went up to check out, the cashier found it. Good grief. $25!  I told her that was more than I wanted to pay. (I mean honestly I was hoping to pay $10 at the most!!)

But that’s one of the notable things about thrift stores these days…sometimes prices are comparable to online stores, or higher.  It certainly makes it more of a challenge to find the items that have “meat on the bone.”

So Monday was not the best day for thrifting, but a great day for meeting girlfriends for coffee 🙂

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