Vintage Vacation Finds

I started writing this post 28,000 miles up over the Heartland while flying from Chicago to San Francisco Monday night, but gave up. I couldn’t reign in my thoughts and emotions from having spent five days seeing my extended family on the East Coast (for my dad’s 85th birthday!) and getting home to be with my family on the West Coast. Plus I was pooped, so I gave up trying to write, had a glass of wine and tried to sleep. (Good plan!)

But it was a grand trip…in every way and included finding a few fun vintage and antique things…of course!! I ended up going to one antique mall, two thrift stores and a cousin-in-law’s new shop, Kurt’s Coins. The shop is small, but Kurt’s been picking for decades and has a wonderful eye and carries a little bit of everything.

Favorite Vacation Finds

  • Cool antique Broadhead Garrett German drafting tools (4411) though a couple of pieces are missing from the case. Hoping there’s still a profit to be made.


  • Totally fell in love with this small primitive handmade wood box. It looks like it was made by a 10-year-old boy out of wood scraps. He penned his name on the front (L.A. Parker) and one of the hinges in back is held together with a nail. Much more interesting than a mass-produced “collectible” box…don’t you think?


  • Found this handmade 1972 ceramic beauty at Goodwill in my hometown. Love the groovy glaze on this. 🙂 It’s signed on the bottom “Carl Smith.”


  • Spotted this antique mother-of-pearl carved horse head fob in a case of smalls at Kurt’s Coins. In a word…fabulous!


  • And last, but not least, this antique mother of pearl and sterling silver fruit knife also from Kurt’s Coins. The blade has an English duty mark, which makes it one of the oldest pieces I’ve ever bought. The mark is understandably worn and it’s either King George III or IV, dating this from 1786-1833. Cool, right?!



My only problem…it will be hard selling these!

What’s your favorite vacation find?

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  1. Nice finds! The drafting set reminds me that I had a set that I used back in the 80’s. Misplaced them and have no idea where they are now.

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